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Multifaceted cilia and flagella

A large number of French laboratories are interested in cilia and flagella and decided to get together in a GDR ("Groupe De Recherche" supported by the CNRS). The member teams are studying these fascinating organelles through different model systems and with different point of view. With this GDR our goal is to encourage knowledge transmission by facilitating the scientific exchanges and catalysing new collaborations. Creating a GDR was a natural follow-up to the regular meetings organized each year: the "French Meeting on Cilia, Flagelle and Centrioles" or CFC. This website should provide an updated information on what's going on in the french cilia fields.


Registration is now open for the International Meeting Cilia2014. Please click HERE for further information.

Update 27th October 2014

The meeting is getting tremendous interest with 340 registered participants and close to 200 submitted abstracts. 33 have been selected for an oral presentation and 160 for poster presentations that will be distributed in four separate poster sessions.
It is still possible to register but there is no space left for posters.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in November.

The Cilia2014 meeting will be held in Paris from the 18th to the 21st November 2014. It will focus on (but not be limited to) recent developments in cilia structure and function including trafficking, cilia and development, cilia in human genetic diseases and cilia in infectious microorganisms. The meeting is a joint European organisation between the GDR3581 Cil, the British Ciliopathy Alliance, the Nordic Cilia Centrosome Network and the EU-FP7 Programme SYSCILIA.


Lastest News

During the 8th french meeting on Cilia, Flagella and Centrioles that was held in Carry-le-Rouet 7-9th October 2013, the GDR attributed four prizes for outstanding presentations:

Best Student Oral Presentation: Keni Vidilaseris (Max Perutz Laboratory, Vienna, Austria)
Best Student Poster Presentation: Julie Jerber (CNRS & Université de Lyon)

Best Post-Doc Oral Presentation: Jérome Ezan (INSERM & Université de Bordeaux)
Best Post-Doc Poster Presentation: Montserrat Bosch-Grau (CNRS & Institut Curie)

The award is a 500€ amount to participate to a cilia-related scientific conference in 2014.

Congratulations to the winners and to all the other participants for making a dynamic and excellent meeting !

Travel Grants

GDR3581 CIL will provide a substantial part of it funding to help young researcher to travel and participate to international scientific meetings. 5000€ will be dedicated each year to this purpose, with a maximum of 1000€ per person.



A l'occasion du congrès Cilia2014, Médecine/Sciences consacre un numéro thématique aux Cils primaires et ciliopathies.

Le centriole fils gouverne la formation des cils motiles

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-> article Nature

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To get to the heart of IFT ->

A molecular link between planar cell polarity and cilium migration ->